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The only constant in life is change.

Everything keeps on changing.

April 2010: This is my testament to the fact that change can be a good…. VERY good… thing.

I’ll have lots of news to offer soon – actually tomorrow, April 30th – but I have lots to report and lots of good stuff to look forward to!


December 23rd, 2009: And the winds of change keep on blowing. I shiver as I sit at my computer typing this, because I’m still not sure what the change is, or how it will ultimately affect me, but change blows on regardless, a wind that is rattling me to the core. My life, my career… it’s all changing. Good or bad? I guess we’ll see.

In 2010.

As I mentioned below, in another post, publication of books 2 and 3 of the Lady Anne series have been put off until next year. I’m disappointed but philosophical; s*%t happens.

Change…. even this last bit has changed. I have stuff to report about Lady Anne and publication, but I’m leaving it until 2010.

On a happier note, I’ve begun a new blog to follow my reading passion, cozy murder mysteries. Check it out: http://cozymurdermysteries.blogspot.com/

Stay tuned!!!!



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