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Just to start the madness…

Okay, so here is where I reveal my madness. You’re either going to laugh hysterically, like I do, requiring adult diapers of the ‘Super Strength’ variety, or you will think I am, excuse the English expression, barking mad.

The Jingle Cats are my secret (not secret now) obsession.
So before I start with the Christmas music… (it’s too early!!!) here are the Jingle Cats with ‘Waltz of the Flowers’

So shudder, weep uncontrollably, rip your ears off your head… or laugh until you piddle.
BTW, no one else I know understands me on this, and thinks this is part of my decline into inevitable rubber room seclusion.
Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, you can now purchase a Jingle Cats DVD as well as the CDs, at http://jinglecats.com/

Not that I’m shilling for them, or anything.


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