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What Kind of Regency Heroine are YOU?

I just had to share this fun quiz on a holiday…

What kind of Regency heroine are you?

My result says this:  Oh dear, you are Bookish, aren’t you? You are a highly intelligent and witty bluestocking, whose beauty is hidden behind spectacles. Your dress sense is eccentric and a little unfashionable, and you consider yourself plain. You have very little use for men, who find your knowledge of Shakespeare, interest in politics and forthright speech formidable. You are undoubtedly well-off. The only reason for your presence in a novel of this kind (which, I might add, you would not dream of reading, although you have occasionally enjoyed the works of Miss Austen), is your mother, who is absolutely determined that you will make a good marriage. Rather than defying her directly, you are quietly subversive, dancing with anyone who asks you, but making no attempt to hide your intellectual interests. The only person who can get past your facade is the man who is witty enough to spar with you, and be amused at your blatant attempts to scare your suitors away. While you will, no doubt, subject him to a gruelling cross-examination to find out whether his respect for your intelligence is real or mere flattery, you may be sure that he is your match, and that you, he AND your mother will all live happily ever after.”



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How to make lemonade out of lemons.

Okay, so I’m having way too much fun with a rotten review by Mrs. Giggles. Dodging the literary equivalent of a bushel of rotten tomatoes should not be this much entertainment.

So here’s my take on the review:

“I strongly suggest that you read… Awaiting The Night… be prepared to experience… a boyfriend who howls at the full moon. How sexy is that?

Chalk this one up as “(a) …satisfying payoff”. ”

However… this is what the whole review reads like!

Continue reading


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Christmas: And now for something completely different.

Ah, the sounds of Christmas!

I was introduced to this song by a lovely Midlands couple who sing it every Christmas Eve at karaoke. It is special.

The quality isn’t the best, but watch and enjoy!

Hey, Christmas is a very sweet time, but a bit of tartness adds to the sweet!

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Just to start the madness…

Okay, so here is where I reveal my madness. You’re either going to laugh hysterically, like I do, requiring adult diapers of the ‘Super Strength’ variety, or you will think I am, excuse the English expression, barking mad.

The Jingle Cats are my secret (not secret now) obsession.
So before I start with the Christmas music… (it’s too early!!!) here are the Jingle Cats with ‘Waltz of the Flowers’

So shudder, weep uncontrollably, rip your ears off your head… or laugh until you piddle.
BTW, no one else I know understands me on this, and thinks this is part of my decline into inevitable rubber room seclusion.
Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, you can now purchase a Jingle Cats DVD as well as the CDs, at

Not that I’m shilling for them, or anything.

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Sunday Funny

All right, so this post is ONLY for cat-lovers.

I seriously want to adopt this kitten! It is sooo cute. (Can you tell I’m a cat person?)

I think it’s a Scottish Fold, judging by the ears.

Everybody watch and go aaaaaaw!

You have to stick around to the end for the purring; the little guy has quite the motor.

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Vote early, Vote Often.

Okay, so the title is a joke, but Continue reading

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Fun site of the day!

If you need a laugh in these gloomy financial times, and with two federal election campaigns going at the same time, watch Peek Freans ‘As The Cookie Crumbles‘, a webisode soap opera of the residents of Glamora County.

I think it is genuinely funny, and I don’t say that often!

Oh… and the cookies are pretty good!

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What has to be done, what ought to be done, and what I’d like to do.

How do you tell the difference? And where do you ever find the time for ‘what I’d like to do’? Continue reading

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Is courtesy out of fashion? Is the f-bomb funny?

So, in the fallout from LLB’s Desert Isle Keeper plea for credit, some bloggers and commentors have taken Laurie to task for being, among other things, over-sensitive and proprietorial. It seems they consider worse those who have come to Laurie’s defense, though, especially anyone who suggests that the mean-spiritedness directed at Laurie is something other than hilariously funny. Continue reading


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I want one of these!

I just had to share… isn’t this the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

Jane Austen Action Figure

Jane Austen Action Figure

I want one, to go on my desk for writing inspiration.

Also of interest… many of use who love to read and write fiction set in England fantasize about the perfect English village, knowing full well that we have to set our world in a historical period (Regency, Georgian) to make our story believable.

However… it appears that there is still an English village – church, shops, manor house etc., – surviving, and it is called Chettle, in Dorset! Read this article in the Daily Mail!–owned-lord-manor-So-perfect-English-village.html

Cool, how the owners are as committed to the village as the rest of the people who live there!

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