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Dancing With The Stars

Let’s talk, shall we?

Louis and Niecy – Could be in danger this week. I really love Niecy, but it was not a great week for her.

Chad and Cheryl – Not a big fan… I think Chad depends too much on personality. He does have a great smile, but…

Derek and Nicole – Nicole is the absolute best, but is it fair that she is a professional dancer and is on DWTS? Well, it’s not her fault they chose her… go, Nicole!

Erin and Maks – Love Maks, of course, and I think of the three front-runners, Erin has had to come furthest and has done the best in that way.

Evan and Anna – Really like Evan, too, and have become a fan of Anna, who I didn’t particularly like before this season. I’ll be happy if he wins.

What do YOU think?

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Reality TV News Flash – February 2008

All right, so the writer’s strike sucks, especially since Dave and Jay have not been on. I miss Dave’s annual pizza & meatball-topped Christmas tree. But being a writer, I do understand what the strike is about.

However… Continue reading

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DWTS finale, and a lovers’ spat.

First… I’ve been so busy this week I didn’t even have time to comment on the Dancing with the Stars finale, which was okay, but not exceptional. I’m happy Helio and Julianne won, though I was kind of pulling for Mel and Maks. They were actually my favorites.

However… it’s done, and now what shall I watch Monday and Tuesday evening?

The Kiss

Photo Credit: Helmut Gevert

Anyway, on to the lovers’ spat brewing in romancelandia between the readers and the writers. Continue reading

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Dancing With The Stars

With the writers’ strike, I thought I’d stand in for the MIA David Letterman. Continue reading

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Big Surprises of the Week

Big surprises of the week…

1 – Cameron Mathison getting kicked off Dancing With The Stars

2 – The Paris Hilton ‘Drunken Elephants’ story being retracted.

Umm, okay, just kidding. Continue reading

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Are we there yet?

Y’know, I’ve never blogged about a TV show before, following it all along, and is it just me or does it seem to make the season longer? Continue reading

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Sadness for Marie.

In a season that seems plagued with difficulties, how weird is it that two stars have lost a parent during the run of the show Dancing with the Stars, first Continue reading

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